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Headgate: Class 1

Class 3 Schedule:

Session 1

November 14-16, 2023

Twin Falls, ID

Session 2

December 12-14, 2023

Twin Falls, ID

Session 3

January 31-February 1, 2024

Boise, ID

  • What is Headgate? Headgate is the only leadership academy specifically developed for water delivery organizations in Idaho. Headgate was developed to provide participants with the tools to gain confidence, build better relationships, and develop the leadership skills necessary to succeed in an ever-changing industry.
  • Who is eligible to participate in Headgate? ALL employees should be considered for participation in Headgate. Application for Headgate should include men and women in various roles within their organizations. Headgate is not limited to current supervisors or managers.  If there is an employee that shows great potential (regardless of position) they are encouraged to apply to Headgate.
  • What do I need to apply to the program? Each applicant must include a letter of support from their manager in the application, a headshot, and a resume. You'll be asked to include the name and number of irrigated acres your organization services, the number of employees at your organization, and brief essays describing; your work experience, thoughts on what it means to be a leader, and your expectations of the course.
  • When should I apply? The Headgate application period is open from Tuesday, August 1 to Friday, September 8, 2023. The application committee will review the applications and select the members of Class 3. On September 20, 2023 - participants will be notified of the application committee's decision.

PArticipant Expectations

Success in Headgate requires commitment from every participant. You should not register unless you are committed to full participation.


You recognize that each of the 3 Headgate sessions require 3 days away from the field. Each session will begin at 12:30 on Tuesday and end at noon on Thursday. You must commit to participate in every session.


Participants are expected to come to class prepared (i.e. speaking assignments) and must actively participate in classroom discussions, presentations and program activities.


The dress code for Headgate is business casual. Men will wear slacks and collared shirts. Women will wear slacks/skirt and a blouse/collared shirt.




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