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canal Safety

More children drown in irrigation facilities than in any other body of water in Idaho. It has been said that Idaho has the second-highest rate of canal deaths for children in the nationIt is our job to educate children on the dangers of canals. IWUA's Ag Water Safety Program provides vital information to Idaho's citizens about need for safety around canals, laterals, drains and other water delivery facilities.

4 Points of Canal Safety

  • Stay out of Canals, Ditches, Laterals and Drains (especially when there is water!): Irrigation water facilities are not built or maintained for recreational activities. They are intended for the delivery of water from Idaho's rivers and reservoirs to farmers, ranchers and other water users throughout the State.
  • Don't go into a canal, ditch, lateral or drain to retrieve anything: This includes toys, clothing, pets or anything else. Contact your local irrigation manager to help safely retrieve items that end up in one of these bodies of water.
  • Watch children AT ALL TIMES when they are near a canal, ditch, lateral or drain: Children may not understand that these canals and ditches are not safe for swimming or playing.
  • Canals, ditches, laterals and drains are private property: These irrigation facilities are not public property. If you enter a canal, ditch, lateral or drain, you may be trespassing.




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