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Information on rights of way & easements

notice for planning & zoning purposes

In 2018, Idaho's legislature amended Idaho Code 67-6519(4), providing "all irrigation districts, ground water districts, Carey act operating companies, nonprofit irrigation entities, lateral ditch associations and drainage districts" with written notice of any "proposed subdivision or any other site-specific land development applications."

Entities desiring to receive notice must request, in writing, to receive that notice. Notice is not required without a written request from the entity. 

If you have further questions regarding the nature and scope of the notice requirement, contact an attorney. 

Idaho code

Rights of Way

Title 42 Chapter 11

Maintenance & Repair of Ditches

Title 42 Chapter 12

rights of way pamphlet

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This pamphlet discusses common questions relating to ditch easements. For an editable copy of the pamphlet (to include your organizations logo) click the download link above. 


What is a Ditch Easement?

Is There an Easement?

Can I Move the Ditch?

Additional Easement resources courtesy of

Treasure Valley Water Users Association.




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