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Idaho Water Users Association

Legislative Report

67th Idaho Legislature
1st Regular Session

Updated March 29, 2023


Who are my legislators?

Idaho Code

H119 (Support)

Flood Districts (I.C. §§ 42-3106; 42-3109; 42-3111; 31-3112): Amends existing law to revise provision regarding flood control district commissioners.

House Action: Passed 66-1-3 (Feb. 24)

Senate Action: Passed 34-0-1 (Mar. 13)

Final Action: Law


H352 (Support)

SWCC Annual Appropriation: Includes Supplemental appropriation for the Water Quality Program for Agriculture in the amount of $5 million.

House Action: Passed 53-12-5 (Mar. 23)

Senate Action: Passed 25-10-0 (Mar. 27)

Final Action:


H361 (Support)

Supplemental Appropriation – Water: Additional funds appropriated to the Idaho Water Resources Board in the amount of $150 million for water projects throughout Idaho. An additional $7 million appropriated to the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality for Agricultural Best Management Practices ($2 million) and CAFO Best Management Practices ($5 million).

House Action: Passed 49-16-5 (Mar. 23)

Senate Action: Passed 24-11-0 (Mar. 28)

Final Action:


HCR 7 (Support)

Water: States findings of the legislature and supports ongoing investments in the state’s water infrastructure.

House Action: Adopted

Senate Action: Adopted

Final Action: N/a


S1021 (Support)

Priest Lake (I.C. § 70-507): Amends existing law to prohibit certain outlet control structures.

House Action: Passed 63-7-0 (Mar. 15)

Senate Action: Passed 27-7-1 (Feb. 13) 

Final Action: Law


S1031 (Support)

Tax exemption, water rights (I.C. § 63-602): Amends existing law to provide that certain water rights and property of irrigation and canal companies exempt from taxation do not require certain approval.

House Action: Passed 67-0-3 (Mar. 21)

Senate Action: Passed 34-0-1 (Feb. 15)

Final Action: Law


S1032 (Support)

Water Management Account (I.C. § 42-1760)Amends existing law to revise provisions regarding expenditures, to provide for the selection of projects, and to revise provisions regarding loans and grants.

House Action: Passed 69-1-0 (Mar. 15)

Senate Action: Passed 35-0-0 (Mar. 1)

Final Action: Law


S1033 (Support)

Irrigation (I.C. § 42-204A)Adds to existing law to provide for the appropriation of ground water for supplemental irrigation use.

House Action: Passed 69-1-0 (Mar. 15)

Senate Action: Passed 35-0-0 (Mar. 1)

Final Action: Law


S1112 (Support)

Bear Lake (I.C. § 67-4313)Adds to existing law to recognize Bear Lake's benefits and to provide for its enhancement, protection, and preservation.

House Action: Passed 69-0-1 (Mar. 21)

Senate Action: Passed 35-0-0 (Mar. 9)

Final Action: To Gov.


S1181 (Support)

IDWR Annual Budget: Annual budget of the Idaho Department of Water Resources and Idaho Water Resource Board.

House Action: Passed 52-180 (Mar. 28)

Senate Action: Passed 24-10-1 (Mar. 23)

Final Action:

IWUA Legislative Committee

Ron Platt, Chair
Mike Rasmussen, District 1
Alan Kelsch, District 2
Kevin Christensen, District 3
Jeff Darrington, District 4
Rick Pearson, District 5
Alan Hansten, District 6
John Eells, District 7
Clair Bosen, District 8
Greg Shenton, District 9
Kevin Lakey, District 10
Michael Comeskey, District 11
Kirk Meyers, District 12
Carl Hayes, District 13
Chad Hennegler, District 14
Barney Metz, District 15
Harold Mohlman, District 16
Keith Esplin, Associate Members
Roger Warner, Associate Members
Shawn Tischendorf, At-large, Surface Water
Dan Davidson, At-large, Surface Water
Shawn VanOrden, Ground Water Caucus
Mike Faulkner, Ground Water Caucus
Sara Jane Ward, Ground Water Caucus
Heather Rice, Ground Water Caucus
T.J. Budge, Ground Water Caucus




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